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  1. Nano provides instant payment transactions. This allows you to use Nano for money transfer transactions of different sizes in everyday life. Because in a small money transfer or a corporate larger money transfer, Nano provides the same speed of transaction.
  2. Nano provides transfer transactions with zero charges. Not paying a transaction fee makes the Nano system really advantageous. As is known, there is a small transaction fee rate on the Blockchain system.
  3. Nano has an infinitely scalable system.
  4. Nano Tokens can be stored in Nano Wallets.
  5. People who want to trade in anonymity can easily benefit from Nano. The nano system offers maximum privacy.
  6. The nano system is really easy to use and works lightly. Therefore, it is possible to run Node in this system. There is no problem with block size when processing this system.
  7. Thanks to the nano system, it is possible to benefit from account-specific blockchain technology. In this way, the system is quite sufficient to meet all special needs.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and NANO be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312

Wanting to make people use crypto coins frequently in their daily lives, Nano Coin became popular in a very short time and was able to get a high level of investment. In daily life, fast and reliable money transfer transactions, shopping transactions can now be performed in a much more practical way with crypto coins. NNO platform is a platform that minimizes payment delay and was established in 2015. In particular, P2P transactions can be performed via NNO. For more information about what is NNO, please see the items below.

How To Buy Nano?

Do you wonder how to buy Nano? Those who want to buy NNO can buy Nano through the world famous crypto money exchange platforms.